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Central Arizona Shelter Services- State
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Central Arizona Shelter Services- State

April 30, 2021

RFQ - REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS Architectural Services - Central Arizona Shelter Services COVID-19 Expansion/Renovation Name of project: CASS Shelter Expansion/Renovation COVID-19 Response Maintaining Dignity Funding: City of Phoenix - Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus funds from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development BASIC INFORMATION A. The submittal shall be clearly labeled "Central Arizona Shelter Services-Design for Expansion". RFQs will not be returned. B. The applicant shall submit five (5) printed copies in a large envelope labeled CASS Shelter Architectural RFQ and one electronic copy of their proposal. Electronic copy should be a PDF either on a flash drive or emailed to Central Arizona Shelter Services 230 S. 12th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85007 Attention: Ms. Terry Smith, COO Please keep as concise as possible. C. Submission Deadline: The Request for Qualifications must be received by 5:00 p.m. on May 5, 2021. RFQs received after that date and time will not be accepted. SYSTEM FOR AWARD MANAGEMENT The System for Award Management (SAM) is the Official U.S. Government system that tracks federal contracts. The selected architect of the RFP will be required to register in prior to receiving a contract. Registration in SAM is NOT required to submit a proposal. Failure to successfully and timely register with may result in the loss of award. 1. INTRODUCTION Central Arizona Shelter Services, hereinafter referred to as "CASS", invites architectural design firms, hereinafter referred to as "Architect", to submit their qualifications for architectural and engineering services to assist CASS in design work for the expansion and renovation of its single adult shelter at 230 S. 12th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85007. The Architect selected will work with CASS to develop design documents and working drawings for expanding the number of beds, renovating bathrooms, removing pony walls, redesigning day rooms and entrances and considering trauma-informed environment design and care while transforming the shelter.(Information on Trauma Informed Care and Design included at the end of this document). The site of the shelter is 230 S. 12th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85007 on the Human Services Campus. This Request for Qualifications does not commit CASS to award a contract, to pay any cost incurred in the preparation of the submittal, or to procure or contract for services. 2. SCOPE OF WORK a. The selected Architect(s) will be required to perform the basic architectural and engineering services to be specified more fully in a contract agreement to be negotiated, including fair and reasonable compensation, after selection. This process will be documented, including the basis for negotiation of fair and reasonable compensation. The contract agreement will provide for payment for phases of work completed with options to proceed through all phases or to discontinue work as the circumstances may dictate. Upon selection of a firm with whom negotiations will proceed, a more detailed Scope of Work will be developed. b. The City of Phoenix and CASS reserve the right to include additional project elements in the initial or subsequent professional services agreements as CASS and the City may (in their discretion) deem appropriate. c. The Architect should also identify appropriate sub-contractors, if needed; however, CASS and the City reserve the right to approve proposed sub-contractors that will be associated with the Project. d. CASS will also be seeking separate bids for a general contractor and the Architect will be expected to work with the general contractor throughout the process. 3. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS Interested parties must submit their qualifications using the following format: A. A brief history of the firm and any sub-contractors indicating the ability of the firm or team to provide the personnel and disciplines required for the project. B. Summary of Related Experience (1) The experience record of the firm or any subcontractors shall demonstrate experience with the design of governmental or shelters or large population spaces to house people. (2) Provide an outline and description of not more than three (3) equivalent projects completed by the respondent. Information on each project should include: the client, location, associated firms used, key participating individuals and the project roles for the individuals. Any interested architectural firm should demonstrate an understanding of CDBG guidelines and the City of Phoenix requirements. (3) A summary of the scope of work, total fee estimate, implementation status, and full contact information of the project personnel. 4. CONTENT a. The names of key managerial and technical staff who will be assigned to the project including their technical, planning and public relations/ communications skills shall be provided in the RFQ. b. The submission should include a statement assuring that, once management and technical staff have been assigned to the project, there will be no replacement by Architect of any other personnel, unless the assigned personnel leaves the company. And, in the event the personnel originally assigned to the project is replaced; the change of personnel who will hold equal qualifications to the personnel replaced will be subject to the concurrence of CASS and the City of Phoenix c. Provide the proposed project methodology related to, or presented in the form of a series of tasks to be accomplished during the project. d. The scope of architectural, engineering and related services for the project described in this RFQ may include some or all of the following services: Development Studies: Conduct or participate in utilization studies required for site consideration and acquisition of permits and for project development and approvals; documents for space planning, code analysis, reviews and any other studies needed for the renovation. Functional Programming and Detailed Space Planning: Conduct functional programming, design definition, planning code analysis, building code reviews, and CASS preferences on space use or new design including the trauma informed design approach that focuses on the principle of creating spaces that are intended to reduce triggering trauma and induce a sense of safety and comfort. Cost Analysis and Schedule Planning: Provide, conduct and/or participate in all aspects of project cost estimating and schedule planning, including construction estimating, life cycle costing, value engineering, constructability reviews, critical path and special scheduling; Development of Construction Documents: Provide, in a phased manner, to include but not limited to WORKING DRAWINGS--schematic design, design development, programming, production of computer generated renderings, cost estimations and construction documents. Design Services for Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment: Provide all services required to properly plan, design, specify and coordinate furniture, fixtures, special finishes and equipment, including but not necessarily limited to: interior design, including millwork and furniture planning, finish development and specification. Site Planning and Landscape Architecture: Provide all services required to properly plan, design, specify and coordinate interior lobby entrance, exterior site design, design of hardscape, irrigation and coordination of underground utilities and or building structures with landscape and hardscape elements. This will also include potential signage. Construction Contract Administration: Construction contract administration services, including field observations, submittal review, review of testing and inspection reports required by the bid documents (testing laboratory or construction inspection services are not part of this RFQ), coordination of finishes, furnishings and equipment, evaluation of specialized pricing and consideration/negotiation of changes, and project contract completion, including punch list, warranty review, preparation of record drawings and closeout. Repetition of Submittal requirements: The submittal shall include all the above content and be clearly labeled Central Arizona Shelter Services-Design for Expansion The applicant shall submit five (5) copies and one electronic copy of their proposal to: Central Arizona Shelter Services 230 S. 12th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85007 Attention: Ms. Terry Smith Applicants who wish to make a site visit prior to submission, may schedule appointments for Tuesdays 8 am-10 am and Thursdays 9 am-4 pm with and/or 5. SUBMISSION DEADLINE The Request for Qualifications must be received by 5:00 p.m. on May 5, 2021. RFQs received after that date and time will not be accepted. No RFQs will be accepted by oral communication, telephone, only electronic mail, or facsimile transmission. Submissions may be withdrawn prior to the above scheduled time set for closing. Anything received after the date and hour specified will be rejected and returned unopened to the submitter. CASS reserves the right to postpone the date and time for accepting and/or opening the RFQs through an addendum. 6. ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS NOTIFICATIONS AND INFORMATION a. No Gratuities - Architect will not offer any gratuities, favors, or anything of monetary value to any official or employee of the CASS for the purpose of influencing this selection. Any attempt by an Architect firm to influence the selection process by any means other than disclosure of qualifications and credentials through the proper channels, will be grounds for exclusion from the selection process. b. Interviews - after the initial evaluation of the statements of qualifications, Architect(s) will be notified of their status in the selection process. Architect(s) who are "short-listed" should expect and anticipate subsequent interviews which will most likely focus not only on the firm's program approach, but on an appraisal of the design professionals who would be directly involved in the Project. "Short listed" respondents may be asked to make a presentation to CASS or the City/Neighborhood specialist. c. Inquiries - Do not contact the Mayor, City Council, CASS personnel or any CASS Staff to make inquiries about the progress of this selection process. Architect(s) will be contacted when it is appropriate to do so. Process inquiries may be directed to Ms. Terry Smith, COO, d. No Obligation - CASS reserves the right to evaluate the responses submitted; waive any irregularities therein; select candidates for the submittal of more detailed or alternate proposals; accept any submittal or portion of submittal; and reject any or all Architect(s) submitting responses, should it be deemed in the agency's best interest; or cancel the entire process. e. Professional Liability Insurance - The Architectural firm shall have the appropriate liability insurance written by an insurer authorized to transact insurance in the State of Arizona. f. In connection with the performance of work under the contract, the contractor agrees to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, Equal Opportunities Employment Act, Davis-Bacon and all other applicable Federal, State and local laws, regulations and executive orders to the extent that the same may be applicable. ATTACHMENT A Statement of Qualifications A Statement of Qualifications shall accompany your proposal. A. COVER LETTER - LETTER OF INTEREST Must include name of Firm, address, email of the principal contact, telephone number, fax number, year established and name of Principal contact. Letter shall be signed by a representative of the Firm with authority to bind the Firm by contract. 1. ORGANIZATION, CREDENTIALS, BACKGROUND a. Provide a brief history of the Firm's credentials and background to perform said work. b. Provide DUNS number and address of firm. c. Number of years in business d. Location of office which will perform the work e. List of Basic Services provided by Firm f. List of Additional Services provided by Firm 2. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE List of relevant experience of similar project and scope of work a. Project Name/Location b. Year Completed/Current Status c. Client Name/Contact Person/Phone Number d. Contractor Name/Contact Person/Phone Number e. Construction Cost f. Change Order Cost 3. PROJECT TEAM a. Identify key Team Members assigned to the project and provide their qualifications, experience and responsibility to the project. b. Personnel identified for these positions are expected to be involved through the life of the project c. Identify any proposed consultants for this project. Provide consultants qualification experience and scope responsibility. 4. DESIGN SERVICES a. Describe scope of services to be provided throughout the project. b. Describe the design concept by which the project will be accomplished. c. The Consultant shall submit a brief statement on how the firm proposes to undertake this assignment. This statement should stipulate why the Consultant feels the firm should be considered to do this project. 5. FIRM RESOURCES Technical Capabilities a. Experience with the Department of State Architect's Office b. Experience in meeting schedules and timelines c. Construction administration procedures during construction B. FEES 1. Describe the method you propose for charging fees for new construction, modernization, change orders and other projects. 2. If reimbursables are applicable, identify how and where these reimbursable expenses will be applied. 3. Provide a schedule of work hours and hourly rates for all jobs classifications. C. INSURANCE REQUIREMENT The successful awardee shall provide proof of insurance coverage in the following forms: 1. General liability policy with a minimum of one million dollars ($1,000,000) coverage which shall be in effect throughout the term of the contract. Such policy shall be on "an occurrence" basis. 2. Workers Compensation policy valid in the State of Arizona shall be carried for all employees and those of any subcontractors. 3. The awardee shall provide errors and omissions insurance with minimum coverage of $1,000,000. Such policy shall be on "an occurrence" basis. The awardee shall show proof that the firm can obtain an errors and omission policy if one is not already in effect. 4. The awardee shall carry Business Automobile liability insurance in an amount not less than $1,000,000. 5. Certificates of Insurance, as required herein above, shall be filed with CASS or the City of Phoenix upon execution of Agreement. Such Certificate shall state that the coverage evidenced thereby may not be canceled or modified without at least thirty (30) days prior written notice to CASS. Insurance required under items (1) and (4) should name CASS as additional insured. ATTACHMENT B A. Project Description CASS is adding 130 new beds in phases from June to September and transforming the physical space to better address the specific trauma-care needs of the client population. 1) Demolition and refurbishing of the bathrooms in men and women areas 2) New flooring and/or epoxy coatings 3) Abatement panels (sound) 4) Painting and drywall 5) Demolition of pony walls 6) Coordination of Design and selection of materials and fixtures 7) Redesign of day rooms 8) Flooring seals or epoxy 9) Consideration of signage 10) New entrance (exterior and interior) B. Conceptual Plan Phase The Architect shall meet with CASS as needed to discuss established project goals, determine processes, incorporate recommendation and make necessary revisions or changes to the schematic designs and to help a General contractor and CASS prepare a construction time schedule, including anticipated date of completion for each section of the shelter. The Architect shall be required to prepare accurate cost estimates for the proposed work of improvement, for planning purposes and consider options and possible "Additive Alternate Work" in order to complete the project within the budgetary limitations and the city and federal government guidelines. The total estimated cost should include all applicable costs. C. Plans & Specification Phase The plans and specifications shall include estimated quantities of materials to be used, method of installation and specification requiring compliance with all applicable local, state and federal regulations. The construction plans and technical specifications at each stage of percentage completion and submittal shall contain sufficient information to cover most of the aspects of the work required on project. Plans shall consist of the construction drawings, including fabrication or shop drawings and other detailed sketches complete with concise measurement and notes to help the constructability of the project. Prefabricated equipment, if included, shall be furnished with manufacture literatures or brochures. D. Submittals The successful Consultants shall be required to furnish, along with the drawings, plans and specifications, grading, engineering and structural calculations, quantity take- off, material and construction schedules, cost estimates and other documentation as may be required or directed by the CASS. CASS shall prepare the contract agreement and provide the general conditions and front-end documents to complete the bid specification package. CASS will administer and review the contract with the successful bidder to assure that the plans and specifications are adhered to and the work is completed in a timely manner. If a contract for architectural services is awarded, Architect shall be required to meet the Insurance Requirements of this Request for Qualifications during the life of the contract. ATTACHMENT C SELECTION PROCESS All responses received by the specified deadline will be reviewed by CASS for content, completeness, experience and qualifications. A review and selection committee composed of key CASS employees and consultants may be used to review and evaluate all responses, and if applicable, conduct interviews. Responses will be opened privately to assure confidentiality and to avoid disclosure of the contents to competing respondents prior to and during the review, evaluation, and negotiation process. However, to the extent that the responses are public records under Arizona law, they may be subject to release to members of the public if specifically requested under applicable law. After those firms with the highest and second highest total points and deemed the most qualified are selected, further evaluation and interviews of the selected firms may be conducted as part of the final selection process. However, CASS reserves the right to complete the selection process without proceeding to an interview process and may choose to select one or more firms based on the information supplied in the response, including the Statement of Qualifications. CASS reserves the right to select the firm(s) which, in its sole judgment, best meets the needs of the renovation vision (not necessarily the lowest bid). CASS will enter into negotiations with the successful Architect and/or architectural subcontractors to develop a contract for the project. However, if such negotiations are not successful, CASS may negotiate with any other Architect responding to this Request for Qualifications or reject all responses. SELECTION CRITERIA (Four) Total Points 150 The following items will be considered by the CASS in the selection process: A. Responsiveness to RFQ (breadth and depth of response) Points available 70 B. Satisfaction of current/prior clients (references) Points available 20 C. Proven experience related to large scale population design, trauma-informed care elements and construction administration Points available 40 responsibilities, including expense and cost control D. Ability to communicate with CASS and City of Phoenix to incorporate the desired elements of design and improvement Points available 20 TOTAL POINTS 150 4/30, 2021 EDITION ARIZONA CAPITOL TIMES

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