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Wesco Insurance Company vs Cools-Latrigue, Samantha S
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Wesco Insurance Company vs Cools-Latrigue, Samantha S

January 14, 2022

No. CV2021-013261 / WESCO INSURANCE COMPANY vs. COOLS-LATRIGUE AMENDED SUMMONS Timothy D. Ducar (015037) LAW OFFICES OF TIMOTHY D. DUCAR, PLC 7430 E. Butherus Drive, Suite E Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Telephone: (480) 502-2119 Facsimile: (480) 452-0900 Attorneys for Plaintiff IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF ARIZONA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF MARICOPA WESCO INSURANCE COMPANY, Plaintiff, -vs- SAMANTHA SHEA COOLS-LATRIGUE and JOHN DOE COOLS-LATRIGUE, wife and husband, Defendants. THE STATE OF ARIZONA TO THE DEFENDANT: Samantha Shea Cools-Latrigue, whose real name is Samantha Shea Cools-Lartigue YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED and required to appear and defend, within the times applicable, in this action in this Court. If served within Arizona, you shall appear and defend within 20 days after the service of the Summons and complaint upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If served out of the State of Arizona -- whether by direct service, by registered or certified mail, or by publication -- you shall appear and defend within 30 days after service of the summons and Complaint upon you is complete, exclusive of the day of service. Where process is served upon the Arizona Director of Insurance as an insurer's attorney to receive service of legal process against it in this state, the insurer shall not be required to appear, answer or plead until expiration of 40 days after date of such service upon the Director. Service by registered or certified mail without the State of Arizona is complete 30 days after the date of filing the receipt and affidavit of service with the court. Service by publication is complete 30 days after the date of first publication. Direct service is complete when made. Service upon the Arizona Motor Vehicle Superintendent is complete 30 days after filing the affidavit of compliance and return receipt or officer's return. RCP 4; ARS §§ 20-222, 28-502, 28-503. YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that in case of your failure to appear and defend within the time applicable, judgment by default may be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. YOU ARE CAUTIONED that in order to appear and defend, you must file an Answer or proper response in writing with the Clerk of this Court, accompanied by the necessary filing fee, within the time required, and you are required to serve a copy of any Answer or response upon the plaintiff's attorney, if any, or upon the plaintiff. R.C.P. 10(d); A.R.S. §12-311; RCP 5. If service is made by publication, a copy of the Petition and other papers filed in this matter may be obtained from the Clerk of the court. PURSUANT TO MARICOPA COUNTY LOCAL RULE 2.5(c), REQUESTS FOR REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES MUST BE MADE TO THE DIVISION ASSIGNED TO THE CASE BY PARTIES AT LEAST 3 JUDICIAL DAYS IN ADVANCE OF A SCHEDULED COURT PROCEEDING. The name and address of Plaintiffs' attorney is: Timothy D. Ducar, Esq. Law Offices of Timothy D. Ducar, PLC 7430 E Butherus Drive, Suite E Scottsdale, AZ 85260 (480) 502-2119 SIGNED AND SEALED THIS DATE: /s/ Clerk of the Court By: /s/ Deputy Clerk UNLESS YOU DISPUTE THE VALIDITY OF THIS DEBT, OR ANY PORTION THEREOF, WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS AFTER RECEIPT OF THIS LETTER, WE WILL ASSUME THAT THE DEBT IS VALID. IF YOU NOTIFY US, IN WRITING, WITHIN THE THIRTY (30) DAY PERIOD THAT THE DEBT, OR ANY PORTION THEREOF IS DISPUTED, WE WILL MAIL YOU VERIFICATION OF THE DEBT. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT AND THAT ANY INFORMATION WE OBTAIN WILL BE USED FOR THE PURPOSE OF COLLECTING THIS DEBT. ADA Notification Requests for reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities must be made to the court by parties at least three (3) working days in advance of a scheduled proceeding. Interpreter Notification Requests for an interpreter for persons with limited English proficiency must be made to the office of the judge or commissioner assigned to the case by parties at least ten (10) judicial days in advance of a scheduled court proceeding. 1/14, 1/21, 1/28, 2/4, 2022 editions Arizona Capitol Times

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